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Do You Know Juno?

March 30, 2011

Regular readers of my blog know that about 15 months ago my family lost a beloved member.  Our nearly 12 year old Blue Tick Coon Hound, Spot, had to be put down after a bout of Canine Vestibular Disease and what was most likely a brain tumor. Spot’s death left us all feeling sad for […]

Pet Cemetery

August 9, 2010

The last 10 months have not been good ones for the pets in the Hunsperger household.  As most of you have read in previous postings, we lost our beloved dog Spot two days after Christmas. Mr. Hoppers The latest casualty, the bunny, Mr. Hoppers.  He died Saturday night, and we’re not exactly sure what happened […]


December 30, 2009

Some dates stick in our minds forever.  For me, those dates include my wedding anniversary, the birth of each of my kids, and July 12, 1998.  It’s the day that change the course of mine and Lisa’s lives forever. Lisa and I were living in Florence, Alabama at the time.  We had just marked our […]