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Do You Know Juno?

The first family pic

Regular readers of my blog know that about 15 months ago my family lost a beloved member.  Our nearly 12 year old Blue Tick Coon Hound, Spot, had to be put down after a bout of Canine Vestibular Disease and what was most likely a brain tumor.

Spot’s death left us all feeling sad for a long time.  I still miss her and think about her every day.  And for a long time I wasn’t quite ready for another dog.  I knew eventually I would be.  I’d say around the one year anniversary of Spot’s death I was wanting to at least start looking for a dog.  I had my eye on some shelter pets that we run on our weekly “Pet of the Week” segment on the news, but none really caught my attention.

Then last week, my wife texted me the picture to your left.  Now keep in mind that I had been napping (I get up at 2:45 a.m.) and on Fridays I like to catch some z’s when I get home in the afternoon.  So when I got the message I was half out of it still and couldn’t focus.  The words with the picture simply said “What do you think?”  In all honesty (and remember I was not fully functioning mentally) that my family was at the mall and my wife was asking about my daughter getting her ear pierced.  I thought Brooke was poised in the corner and waiting for the woman to pierce them. (She had them pierced as a baby, but had some problems).  So I responded “Go for it.”

A bit later my wife texted me again and said I would have “meet her before we could bring her home, and that she’d need to see the vet.”  Puzzled I went back to the photo and actually clicked on it this time.  Now it made sense.  We were getting a dog.

I was really stoked.  My wife had been the one who didn’t want to get another dog.  But the kids and I knew eventually she would come to see things our way.  So that evening the kids and Lisa hit PetCo and loaded up on all the supplies.  They each got “Caprice” a toy and worked on developing a new name.  “Juno”, “Bean”, and “Nutters” all topped the list.  We narrowed it down to Juno with a middle name of Bean.  This little Border Collie/Rat Terrier mix would soon be ours.

On Saturday I went to meet her.   We were able to take her out to a big pen and let her run and play.  The kids each brought their gift for Juno as she ran through the wet grass and mud.  Then she proceeded to jump up on each of us, muddy paws and all.  I was immediately reminded of Spot and thought must have been smiling down upon us.

With a shelter dog there’s a waiting period to bringing her home.  She had to go to the vet, which was supposed to happen Monday, but


didn’t end up happening until Tuesday.  Then I was finally able to get her and learn that in addition to a bout of mange, Juno is also heartworm positive.  But it’s something we are working with the vet on fixing, and they seem to think she’ll be just fine.  I’ve done some research online and feel better about the situation too.

We adore this dog so much.  She’s only been in our home for 24 hours and she’s already a part of the family.  She immediately ran around the living room and jumped up on the couch and eventually over it.  At 23 pounds she’s a small bundle of energy.  I say small because Spot topped the scales at more than 60 pounds at one point.

We’re working on house training and getting her on a routine.  As I type this, she’s lying very quiet and content on the floor next to my chair.  She is a people-dog and loves being our little shadow.  And I love it too.  I see a lot of Spot in Juno which makes me happy and I’m confident in knowing we made the right decision.


One Response to “Do You Know Juno?”

  1. Awwww! SO happy you all added to your family! Can’t wait to meet Juno Bean!

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