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School Daze: Now & Then

Mason (4th grade) & Ethan (5th grade)

Summer is over.  Not officially, but the kids are now back in school, so it might as well be over.  Today was the first day back.  Only 65 minutes, but they still are back in school.  Mason has started his last year of elementary school and is a 4th grader.  Ethan is now the new kid on the block as a 5th grader in middle school.  I ask myself this question all the time, where has the time gone?

Pre K Graduation Mason on the left, Ethan second from the right (2005)

It seems just like yesterday they were going through their Pre K graduation ceremony.  Yes there was a Pre K graduation ceremony.  Mason actually went to two years of Pre K and went through the Pomp and Circumstance twice.

I’ve always heard the older you get the faster time flies by.  I think that is definitely true.   Brooke will soon start Pre K and she’ll be “graduating” this school year too, and then it’s off to kindergarten.

Kevin in 4th grade: Spring 1983. Yes, that is a Gargamel shirt.

So as the kids head back to school I think back to the days when I was in school.   Elementary school was a lot of fun.  Of course, you’re just a “kid” then so there’s not much to do but have fun.  You’re learning, but you’re playing a lot too.  As you can see in this picture, I’m in the 4th grade and the “ugly duckling” phase is beginning.  Some might say it never left.  Ha!  This was the start of a turbulent time.

The years zipped by and middle school was right around the corner.  Man was that a rough time.  Looking back, I sometimes wonder how I survived.  But I think a lot of us go through that teen angst and trying to fit in and just wanting to be liked.  Liked by girls especially.  I was so unlucky in love they could have written a country song about it.  I still remember to this day in 6th grade a girl said to me, and I quote… “Your looks are your parents fault, your personality is your fault.”  Ouch!  The years that followed didn’t get much easier.  But eventually we all grow up and move on (hopefully)

High school wasn’t horrible, but I think I did a lot to keep myself out of the game.  Mostly because I had little to no self esteem, but who could with comments like the one above.  It really wasn’t until college when I broke out of my shell and feel like I developed a personality.

Now, “pushing 40” I still have times when my self esteem plunges like the stock market, but I’d say I’m much more confident now.  I think growing up does that.  Having a loving and supportive family helps that process too.


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