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Pet Cemetery

Spot and Mr. Hoppers, RIP

The last 10 months have not been good ones for the pets in the Hunsperger household.  As most of you have read in previous postings, we lost our beloved dog Spot two days after Christmas.

Mr. Hoppers
The latest casualty, the bunny, Mr. Hoppers.  He died Saturday night, and we’re not exactly sure what happened to him.  Since the weather was a bit cooler, Lisa had put him in his pen outside (in the shade, and with water) so he could hop around and munch on the fresh grass (or weeds).

She brought him back inside that afternoon and when she put him in his cage he went crazy, running around in circles five or six times.  Then, it was like he couldn’t move.  He started dragging himself around the cage with his front paws.  Hoppers wasn’t using his back legs at all.  Of course, it was Saturday evening by this point and the vet was closed.  We sought some advice online and it appeared that he might have done something to his back or legs.

We decided to wait it out until Monday and I’d take him to the vet.  But we didn’t have the chance.  When we got home from our friend’s house, Hoppers was dead.  And not to be morbid, but when he died, he was completely stretched out, probably a good two feet, if not more.  He wasn’t going to fit in any of the new shoe boxes Lisa had acquired from the Kohl’s sale the night before.  I knew we couldn’t leave him lying the cage rotting all night, so I did the next logical thing.  I grabbed a shovel and started digging a hole.  Of course it was about 10 minutes after midnight when all this went down.  Lisa joined me and we laughed at times at the absurdity of the situation.  The kids weren’t home, so they weren’t being traumatized by what was happening.  About 20 minutes later, we had a hole deep enough, long enough, and wide enough for our bunny’s final resting spot.  I covered him with dirt and did actually say a little prayer for him when I was finished.

Let me be honest about something.  I never really liked the rabbit.  There was no emotional attachment for me.  He came into our lives at a time when we had two guinea pigs, a turtle, and our beloved Spot.  The rabbit, in my opinion was going to be another smelly mouth to feed.  And pretty much, I was right.  I’m not trying to be cruel, that’s just the way it was.  But Hoppers did jump around the house, munch on fresh carrots, and got lots of TLC from the kids.  I think we had him about two years before his demise.  I’m not sure how old he was when we got him, as he was adopted from PetCo after two college students didn’t want him anymore.

Piggy, Mason’s guinea pig, was actually the longest living pet aside from Spot.  Her life here on Earth came to an end in the spring, FIVE YEARS after we got her.  Again, she was one that was given to us from someone who didn’t want her anymore, so

Pudge on the left, Piggy on the right back in 2005

I’m not sure what her exact age was.  But I think five years is pretty darn good.  Piggy came to us at a time when Mason had just lost his first guinea pig, Guinney (clever, right)  We had taken this pig to the vet because he stopped eating.  They treated him, and we thought he’d be okay, but he ended up dying a short time later.  Ethan had just lost his beloved hamster, Buddy and the people at the vet’s office gave each boy a new guinea pig.  Pudge, seen in Ethan’s lap, lived a couple of years.  When he died, friends of ours had a pig that had had some babies, and we got one of those.  So then (gosh, I can’t even remember his name) was introduced to the family.  He was a healthy pig and grew pretty quick.  But it was Columbus Day 2009, Lenny that right, Lenny, kicked the bucket.  I’m not sure what happened to him, it was a sudden death.

But back to Piggy, like I said, she outlived two other guinea pigs.  We knew she was getting old and her time was limited with us.  Her back legs almost seemed to be paralyzed.  She started dragging them around behind her.  We didn’t want to see her suffer, so Lisa took her to the vet earlier this year and had her euthanized.  I’ve never heard of that for a small animal, but Miss Piggy just didn’t want to leave us.  And if you’re wondering, they charge the same for the shot, no matter the size of the animal.  Spot’s shot and Piggy’s shot were the same.  I found that interesting too.

Anyway, our backyard is like a pet cemetery.  Buddy, Guinney, Pudge, Lenny, Piggy, and now Mr. Hoppers are all resting in peace out there.  Spot was cremated and her ashes remain in a box in our closet.  We will plant a tree and spread them under it to have a constant reminder.   This is the first time in more than 12 years there hasn’t been some sort of critter swimming, hopping, and running in our home.  Looks like it will be that way for a while, but I’m sure the kids will soon start asking for more critters…


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