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Something to Believe In

We’ve passed another milestone in the Hunsperger house. The boys no longer believe in Santa, the Tooth Fairy, or the Easter Bunny. I knew this day was coming, just not sure I was ready for it.

Lisa and I have different points of view on this. Growing up, I believed in Santa until I was in the 4th grade, (same grade as Ethan) and my brother was a year behind me (same as Mason). We both found out at the same time.

I remember my mom and dad telling us “the truth” about Santa. I had kinda figured it out because we celebrate “St. Nick” too. We hang out stockings on December 5th and he comes that night and fills them with goodies. I remember that year I was still awake and could hear my parents putting the treats out. I didn’t say anything at the time, just faked it the next morning. And every year we would yell, “Thank you St. Nick!” I remember thinking to myself at the time, I should be thanking my mom and dad.

Fast forward to earlier this month. Mason lost a tooth and didn’t have it in the easiest to find spot under his pillow. He says he felt my hand under his pillow and he woke up, but kept his eyes closed. So I fessed up and told him the truth about it. Ethan had figured this out about two years ago when he found his baby teeth hidden in a box in our closet.

Ethan's first meeting with Santa Claus in 2000.

Ethan's first meeting with Santa Claus in 2000.

The magic of Santa though had remained. In fact a couple of years ago, Ethan said he was going to only ask Santa for something and said he if got it, then he’d keep believing. I think a neighbor kid had told him there is no Santa, but we wanted him to continue to believe. So we told Santa was we were waiting in line the situation and he was happy to help us out. He wanted the entire collection of Harry Potter books, and thanks to some connections my inlaws have, we were able to get them in the big cardboard trunk.

I keep digressing…

So anyway, Sunday afternoon Ethan asks me, (right in front of his 4 year old sister) if I will swear there’s a Santa. I told him now’s not the time to ask that and we’d talk later. Sunday night when the boys were getting ready for bed they said, “Swear to God there’s a Santa.”

Mason wasn't scared at all when he first met Santa in 2001.

Mason wasn't scared at all when he first met Santa in 2001.

I felt like I HAD to tell them. I explained that this is a really big secret and there may be some friends that still believe. They need to keep it to themselves. I also told them about the real reason for Christmas and it’s not just about getting toys.

Funny reaction from Ethan was “are there leprechauns?” I remember asking the same thing when we were told. Not sure what that says about us…

I love the Christmas season, the decorations, the songs, and the magic of Santa. Now a little of that magic is gone that the boys are no longer believers. Lisa wasn’t as upset about it. She has an older brother who ruined it for her at an early age. That’s why I’m hoping the boys don’t do that to Brooke.

Some people I know say we shouldn’t “lie” to our kids about Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny. I prefer to think we offer kids something else to believe in. They’ll be grownups soon enough, a little imagination and fun never hurt anyone.


2 Responses to “Something to Believe In”

  1. My cousin ruined the Santa thing for me way too early. I’m not sure if I was in 2nd or 3rd grade, but it sucked! My sister is 5 yrs younger than I, so I had to stay quiet for quite a while.
    As you know, I was undecided myself on whether or not to do the Santa/Tooth fairy/Easter bunny thing with my daughter, but have decided why not!? Like you said, they are only kids for so long. Let them have a little magic in their lives.

  2. Being the cheese ball that I am, this actually made me a little teary eyed!!!! Kids grow up so fast and I know someday, soon enough, I will be faced with the same dilema. I hope you make it through this Christmas with Brooke’s belief still in tact. I am sure your boys will keep the magic alive for their sister. Meanwhile, I am going to try like heck to keep it going for as long as possible here and enjoy every minute! 🙂 Watching her see Santa at Holiday World and be so excited and scared at the same time brought my husband and I unbelievable joy.

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