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Another Piece of My Childhood is Gone

It’s been nearly a month now since Michael Jackson died.  I posted a note about my feelings on his death on my facebook page shortly after that.  I’ll do a quick recap here.

“Thriller” was the first album I owed that didn’t have a Disney character or Muppet on it.  I can remember listening to the music, watching the videos, and attempting to do the moon walk.  I was in 5th grade at the time.  His music became a major part of our lives.  Skating rinks, school dances, parties.  Then “Bad” came out when I was in high school.  Again, lots of great music, lots of great memories.  So in a way, I feel like when he died, a part of my childhood did too.

Then today I read that actor Les Lye passed away earlier this week.  Some of you are probably asking, who’s that.  Les was one of the few adult actors on the Nickelodeon show “You Can’t Do That On Television”.   It was one of the first shows I can remember watching when cable television made its way to High Ridge, Missouri back in the early 80’s.   For those of you who never saw the show, the easiest way to describe it is Saturday Night Live for kids.

Les played several memorable characters, including Ross the stage hand, the dad, and my favorite Barth the dirty chef.  He ran a disgusting little restaurant and was always cooking up something gross.

The kids who ate there would criticize the food and he’d say, “Ddddiii heard that.”  Or “What do you think is in the burgers?”    I’m not doing it justice.  Check out youtube and watch some clips.  It’s worth it.

So while Mr. Lye’s death has fallen under the radar here in the United States, I just wanted to pay a quick tribute him.  I’m hoping Nickelodeon will replay some episodes of YCDTOTV or release them on DVD.



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